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CLEANBARRIER™ Bottles Image used with permission from Inpria

CLEANBARRIER™ (CB) bottles are blow-molded multi-layered high density polyethylene bottles designed to carry ultra pure semiconductor grade chemicals while providing low particulate/low trace metal qualities for the microlithography and other mission critical industries.

  • Minimizes particle escalation
  • Prevents migration through the bottle
  • Shatter proof
  • Light handling
  • Prevents chemical reactions by blocking UV light
Capacity 1L , 4L

CB Bottle vs Glass Bottle

Basic Data

CLEANBARRIER™ (CB) bottle are manufactured in a tightly controlled clean room environment which makes it possible for low particulate/low trace metal properties.

Particle Counts

Trace Metals

Chemical Weight Loss

UV-VIS Absorbancy

Shatter Proof

CLEANBARRIER™ (CB) bottles mitigate shatter risk by providing a safer solution compared to glass containers.

  • Secure package
  • Less over pack cost

Bottle Weight

CLEANBARRIER™ (CB) bottles can be handed easier due to the lighter weight compared to conventional glass container counterpart.

  • Easy to handle (1/5 of glass bottle weight)
  • Less Air freight cost

Bottle Weight

High Grade Model "CLEANBARRIER™ PR"

CLEANBARRIER™ PR (CBPR) bottles are a step above by providing advanced next generation quality control parameters for low particulate and metal trace ion control.

High Grade Model


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