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In line with the demands of the microelectronic and other mission critical industries for larger containers capable of maintaining the integrity of ultra pure process chemicals, Aicello has developed CLEAN DRUMS, 200 Liter containers blow molded from highly durable polyethylene resins.
As with the smaller CleanContainer series, CLEAN DRUMS are manufactured in a "CleanTech Factory" using resin technology co-developed by and exclusively available to Aicello. The result is a durable container which minimizes particle escalation and maintains extremely low traces of metallic ions. CLEAN DRUMS: An Aicello original and an industry standard.

Colors & Shapes



Dispense System

AICELLO MILIM Chemical Co.,Ltd., a group company of AICELLO, succeeded in development of quick connect dispenser and diptube for factory automation & automated chemical supply system.
When the dispenser is connected to a diptube, sensor is detected and dispenser send an electrical signal. This is key device of the factory automation & automated chemical supply system.

Quick Connect Dispenser


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